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MISSATICUM BIBLIA - Le Livre de Joseph

VERSION ÉTENDUE RÉVISÉE COMPREND LE TEXTE ORIGINAL AVEC LE LIVRE DE JOSEPH ET LE PSAUME CONCERNANT LES impies. 1 Chapters 3-14 are from a separate text entitled “The Book of Joseph”. It is apparent that this book is part of “Missaticum Biblia”. It contains similar prophetic themes and fits well after Chapter Two and appears to fill a void in the text. “ The Book of Joseph” labels the devil, or Azaziel, as one who “whispers lies” (5:11). The word Nakash means “whispering enchanter” and so both works have a common bond. Both works mysteriously appeared from unknown sources and both could possibly be from the same translator. Other sections of “Missaticum Biblia” seem to have gaps as well and there may be missing parts still out there. I have added “The Psalm Concerning the Wicked” as the Prologue to this revised edition.



  1. And it came to pass, Rachel did bring forth a son. And she called his name Joseph.

  2. And the Angel of the Lord appeared unto Jacob in a dream saying, Joseph shall be two great and mighty nations in the hand of the Lord.

  3. These nations shall be greater than any nations upon the face of the earth. However, only a remnant shall see my face and live.

  4. Behold, wisdom shall increase in the latter time. And men shall make weapons of war; yes, even terrible weapons which shall touch the power of the Most High.

  5. And the seed of Joseph shall believe a lie, wherein the terrible weapons shall be for the protection of their lands. And woe unto them, for the people shall be deceived.

  6. And the Lord showed Jacob a vision, and said: behold, the mighty men of the earth shall lay an awful scheme by the word of their god, that they should destroy the Lord when he shall visit men at the appointed time when he shall reward the sons of men according to their works.

  7. And all nations shall gather together in the heart of the earth to make war with the Lord, even the almighty king of heaven and earth. Woe, woe, woe unto the chief princes of the earth, even unto the seed of Dan, who has made gold their god and a lie their refuge:

  8. Who have said among themselves: the Lord is no god wherein we should fear him, for by our mighty power have we become gods ourselves and have spread abroad ourselves over all the earth. Yet shall they be judged and cut off from among the sons of Jacob.

  9. Thus says the Lord: The wicked plot in vain. And they shall drink from the cup of vanity which they have grasped: for the Lord himself shall utterly destroy them all by the brightness of his terrible presence.

  10. And lo, those who plot in vain have over them a king; even he whose name is the liar from the beginning, even Azazel, he who was a guardian of the presence.

  11. Yes, Azazel shall be bound; even he who has granted them their great authority and their seat and who has whispered lies into their ears like a cunning serpent which lies in the dust. The Lord himself shall come and bind him with cords which cannot be loosed, and seal him up with a seal which cannot be broken.

  12. For Azazel has led them astray by his corrupted wisdom which has become folly in the sight of heaven. Woe unto him for he has laid waste the cities of the garden of God and made the inhabitants of the earth stumble exceedingly, causing them to be drunk from the cup of blindness, yes, even to feast from the table of rebellion.

  13. Comfort yourself with these words, you beloved Jacob. For verily, the Lord reigns supreme over all the gods and shall swiftly mete out justice which cannot be overthrown. Amen.

  14. And Jacob was astonished at all the Lord had shown him: for weak was his understanding, and without strength was his soul in the presence of the Lord.


  1. And it came to pass, Joseph, the son of Jacob, grew in stature unto a man. And Joseph was a peculiar child, full of knowledge and wisdom.

  2. And is came to pass the angel of the Lord appeared to Jacob and said, make a tunic for your son Joseph, and place on it the holy emblems of the priesthood of the Lord your God.

  3. And lay your hands on him and grant unto him to be a priest unto the Most High God. And instruct him in the hidden wisdom of the Lord, even the hidden treasures of knowledge which have been known among your fathers.

  4. For I shall cause Joseph to go down into the land of the sun, a land full of idolatry and iniquity, and I shall cause him to be a savior among the people for the sake of your seed.

  5. And he shall bare the priesthood of the Most High, and become a mighty ruler among the Egyptians. And the Lord shall bless whomsoever he shall bless, and curse whomsoever he shall curse: for my name shall be in him. And great shall be his name in the land. Wherefore Pharaoh shall know that he is a prince with God.

  6. And behold, he shall seal up the blessings of the priesthood for the generations which are afar off, that the Most High may have witness for Himself in the latter time, before the great and final day when the Lord himself shall come and reward the sons of men according to their works, whether they be good or whether they be evil. Even so. Amen.

  7. And so Jacob made a tunic according to the word of the Lord. And he placed it upon his son Joseph. And blessed him with all of the hidden blessings of wisdom.

  8. And Jacob instructed him in the hidden wisdom of the Lord, whereunto Joseph should be a priest of the Most High God.

  9. Now when the brothers of Joseph had discovered that Jacob had made Joseph a priest unto the Most High God they were filled with the spirit of jealousy.

  10. And they gathered unto their father Jacob saying, why have you decided that Joseph should receive a tunic and become a priest unto the Lord and not us also?

  11. And Jacob rebuked them saying, Joseph is a chosen vessel whom the Lord has chosen, and it is according to his purposes. Who are you that you dare accuse God?

  12. Truly, the Lord has chosen him for his own purposes and you shall well abide under it. For this is the word of the Lord.

  13. And when Jacob had finished speaking, his sons murmured among themselves.

  14. And it came to pass, Joseph dreamed a dream, wherein he saw all of the flocks of his brothers bowing down to his flocks. And Joseph boasted of this before his brothers.

  15. And his brothers mocked him saying, shall you become a prince over us? And his brothers murmured among themselves.

  16. And it came to pass, Joseph dreamed another dream. And said unto his brothers, I have dreamed a dream wherein the sun, and the moon and the stars bowed low before me.

  17. And his brothers mocked him saying, as the Lord liveth and as we live, your blood shall be spilt on the ground before we fear you.

  18. And his brothers murmured among themselves how they might kill Joseph. And a servant of Jacob secretly spied them.

  19. And when Jacob heard of this he said unto Joseph: do not fear my son: as the Lord has decreed his decree, you shall be a prince over me and all my house.

  20. Yet pride has filled your heart. Let no boasting be found at all in your mouth, yes, neither in your heart, lest you fall under condemnation: for the Lord God hates a proud and boastful heart.

  21. You did come into this world naked and you shall leave it naked.

  22. And remember this, my son, the Lord exalts whom he will, and the Lord abases whom he will. Therefore you shall keep your heart humble before him all the days of your life.

  23. And Joseph was pierced in his heart, and dared not open his mouth to ever boast again.



  1. 1 And it came to pass, Joseph was in the desert seeking his brethren and they seized upon him, and mocked him, saying: behold, our prince is come unto us. May you live long, and may your kingdom be forever!

  2. 2 And they worshiped him in mocking fashion, saying, have mercy on us O king! Save us, O mighty one!

  3. 3 And they seized upon Joseph to kill him. And Dan drew his sword and thrust it into the side of Joseph, however it pierced not his flesh.

  4. 4 And all who stood by were astonished. And Reuben said, Truly, the Lord has surely chosen him, and the power of the Most High dwells with him.

  5. 5 Let not our hands shed his blood, for his blood shall surely cry up to the Lord against us, and great would be the curse against our children unto seven generations.

  6. 6 Yes, rather, let us cast him into a pit wherein he may perish for lack of meat or may be eaten by wild beasts, and thus shall our hands be free of his blood. And so they seized the tunic which Jacob had made for Joseph and cast Joseph into a pit naked for to die.

  7. 7 Now, after Joseph's brothers had departed from the pit into which they had cast Joseph, a band of Midianites came near unto it.

  8. 8 And Hanok, the chief of the Midianites, said unto Joseph, I see that a great evil has befallen you. What shall you give unto me that I remove you from this pit.

  9. 9 And Joseph said unto them, I shall serve you all the days of my life if you remove me from this pit. Therefore, I pray, go unto my Father's house and tell my father where you shall take me, for it is the will of the Most High God that I should go with you.

  10. 10 And Hanok said, so shall it be. And so Hanok commanded his sons to remove Joseph from the pit.

  11. 11 And Hanok sent one of his servants to Jacob that Jacob might know of the thing which had befallen Joseph. And after the servant had spoken the thing which had befallen Joseph, Jacob said unto him: this thing is by the hand of God.

  12. 12 And Jacob wept bitterly. And Jacob bade the servant of Hanok to stay with him.

  13. 13 And while Joseph's brothers were eating the evening meat, Reuben said, let us not allow our brother to die. For the Lord shall surely avenge his death upon our heads and our children.

  14. 14 Therefore let us sell him to that foreign band of the sons of Ishmael that his blood be not upon us. And so they were agreed as one and bound themselves by an oath.

  15. 15 However, when Reuben returned to the pit where they had cast Joseph he saw that Joseph was not there.

  16. 16 Then Reuben tore at his tunic and said, what has befallen our brother Joseph? May the Lord forgive us this evil which we have done unto our own brother whom the Lord has chosen! And Reuben was bitterly sorrowful.

  17. 17 And the brothers of Joseph took a goat and slew it. And they took of the blood of the goat and put it on the tunic which Jacob had made for Joseph.

  18. 18 And when they had returned to their father, they said unto Jacob that Joseph had been overcome by a wild beast. And when Jacob heard this he tore at his tunic, and put on sackcloth, and cast ashes upon his head for many days crying out, O my son, O my son!

  19. 19 However, Jacob knew that Joseph had not suffered the evil. And he kept the matter in his heart.

  20. 20 And Jacob took Joseph's tunic and folded it up in a cloth and gave it unto the servant of Hanok and said:

  21. 21 Deliver unto Joseph this tunic and all shall be well with you and your house: for the Most High God has ordained it so. And the servant of Hanok said, I shall surely do it.

  22. 22 And Joseph said, you must swear an oath that you keep the matter in your heart. And you must not allow your eyes to gaze upon the tunic lest you be cursed: for it is holy unto the Most High God.

  23. 23 And so they took a ram and made an covenant to keep the matter secret. And Jacob said unto the servant of Hanok: so shall it be unto you if you shall break this covenant.

  24. 24 And so the servant of Hanok departed and delivered the tunic unto Joseph.


  1. And it came to pass, Hanok the Midianite sold Joseph to an Egyptian whose name was Potiphar.

  2. And Potiphar had respect for Joseph seeing that he was a stout man and full of knowledge and wisdom. And so Potiphar made Joseph the master over his whole house.

  3. And Joseph served Potiphar well. And the Lord greatly blessed the house of Potiphar on account of Joseph.

  4. And Joseph taught wisdom unto Potiphar, yes, even in all the ways of the Lord. And Potiphar did forsake the gods of Egypt to serve the living God, even the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

  5. And Joseph taught Potiphar the hidden wisdom of the Lord, even of the holy priesthood of God. And Potiphar became a priest unto the Most High God at the hand of Joseph.

  6. And it came to pass, Shinmin, the wife of Potiphar, did set her eyes upon Joseph. And Shinmin said unto Joseph, come and lie with me.

  7. And Joseph said unto her, I shall surely not lie with you, for I have made a oath unto the Lord. Who are you to tempt the Lord?

  8. However, Shinmin relented not. And so Shinmin said unto Joseph, if you lie not with me, I shall cause you to be cast into the prison until you repent.

  9. And Joseph said, by my head and by the Lord of Hosts, I shall never lie with you.

  10. And it came to pass, one day while Joseph was walking in Potiphar's house, Shinmin seized his garment, saying, I beg you, lie with me. For my master has utterly forsaken me.

  11. However, Joseph refused to lie with the woman, that he fled naked out of the house.

  12. And after Joseph had fled, Shinmin called for Potiphar. And when Potifar had returned to the house, she cried unto him saying:

  13. The Hebrew which you brought into this house, seized me saying, lie with me. However, I did not lie with him, and he became angry and struggled against me; and I seized his tunic that he has fled naked out of the house.

  14. So Potiphar commanded his slaves to seek after Joseph and deliver him up.

  15. And when Joseph was delivered unto Potiphar, he said, I have appointed you to be the master over my whole house. Yes, there is but only I alone over you. Why have you dealt with me in this manner, to bring shame upon my house?

  16. And Joseph said, I have done no evil unto you, my lord. The wife of your youth seized my tunic and pleaded with me to lie with her. And for righteousness sake and because of my oath, I lied not with her.

  17. And Potiphar said unto Joseph: of a surety, I know that the thing which you speak is true.

  18. And Potiphar said, Of a truth, you have not sinned. Yet for the sake of reproach, I must deliver you to prison for a little season, for you are a Hebrew slave in Egypt, and Pharaoh shall be sore displeased if he hears of the matter, and lest he take away my name and my house I must do this thing.

  19. So Potiphar delivered Joseph to the prison saying to the master, fear him as you fear me, for he is full of the spirit of the living God over all the earth.

  20. Inasmuch as you entreat him like a brother, the living God shall bless you and your house.

  21. And so the master of the prison feared Joseph. And when the master had perceived that Joseph was full of wisdom he made him chief over all the prisoners.

  22. And Joseph became known unto the house of Pharaoh.


  1. And it came to pass, Pharaoh sent for Jacob: for he had become renown in Egypt as one having the spirit of the gods, and an interpreter of dreams.

  2. And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, I have dreamed a dream, and in all of the land of my kingdom neither my wise men nor my watchers have been able to tell the meaning thereof.

  3. However, I perceive that you, Joseph, are filled with the wisdom of the lofty ones.

  4. I pray, tell me the meaning of my dream and you shall be greatly rewarded, for truly, all of Egypt lies in my hand.

  5. And Joseph said, may you live forever, O king. Truly, I am dust and ashes, and there is no wisdom in me. However, the Spirit of the Lord Most High who is with me can tell the meaning thereof.

  6. And Pharaoh said, this is the dream which I have dreamed:

  7. There were seven fatted heifers drinking from a brook. And behold seven sickly heifers appeared and did devour the seven fatted heifers. And thus were the seven fatted heifers no more.

  8. The dream has troubled me that sleep is fled far away from me; and I lay troubled on my bed. Therefore I pray, Joseph, show me the meaning thereof, that I may have peace.

  9. And Joseph, said, may peace be unto you, O king. Thus says the Lord who is the Most High God over all the earth:

  10. It shall come to pass, there shall be seven years of bounteous harvest. And after the seven years are passed, a fearsome damnation shall overtake the land.

  11. And Joseph fell on his face before Pharoah and cried, after the seven years of bounteous harvest are passed, there shall be seven years of famine; yes, even a sore famine which has not ever been in Egypt nor in all the earth.

  12. Thus says the Most High God, take of your bounteous harvest and lay up unto the seven years of famine, and the life of you and those of your kingdom shall not utterly perish.

  13. And if you heed not, your people shall become a great abhorrence unto the whole earth. There shall be death of man and beast such as there has never been on the face of the whole earth.

  14. And so Pharoah took his seal and placed it upon Joseph.

  15. And there was not anyone in the land of Egypt who was greater than Joseph except Pharoah. Thus did the Lord bless Joseph.


  1. And it came to pass, the angel of the Lord appeared unto Joseph in a dream saying, Joseph, you are a chosen vessel from among the children of men and a great blessing unto all the earth.

  2. You shall become two great and mighty nations in the hand of the Lord: for the Lord exalts whom he will, and the Lord abases whom he will. And who can stay his mighty hand?

  3. And the Lord performs this that he may richly reward his faithful among the sons of men with the riches of the earth. For the Lord delights in the righteousness of his children, that he may prosper them with all blessing.

  4. Therefore walk humbly before your God; for this day I have ordained you to be a savior in the land of Egypt, wherein the Egyptians shall bare you on their shoulders and call you blessed; Moreover, you shall preserve your house and the holy wisdom of the Lord from destruction.

  5. And when many days have passed, your seed shall be cause for a great work of the Lord in the sight of the heathen unto the glory of the Lord.

  6. And when Joseph awakened from his sleep, he was astonished at all the Lord had said unto him.


1 And it came to pass, the Lord gave Aseneth the daughter of Potifar to Joseph. And Aseneth became the wife of Joseph at the hand of Potifar.

2 And the Lord placed his seal upon them.

3 And it came to pass, Joseph knew his wife and she conceived. And Aseneth bare Joseph two sons. And they named the first Manasseh and the second Ephraim according to the word of the Lord.

4 And the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream saying, your sons Manasseh and Ephraim shall be two mighty nations before the Lord.

5 And they shall be as two stiff-necked and rebellious goats which run away when they hear the voice of the shepherd. In the latter time they shall be a scourge and a terror and shall fight the Lord when he comes to reward the sons of men.

6 However, a remnant shall be faithful unto the Lord. And He shall give them the earth as an inheritance with you after I have raised up your bones from the dust.

7 And the Lord spoke again unto Joseph saying, Behold, the famine which shall overtake the land is at hand. When the famine has become a sore burden on your kindred, your brothers shall appear unto you. Be merciful unto them, as I am merciful unto you, and all shall be well with you and your masters house.



1 And it came to pass, according to the word of the Lord, that a famine fell upon the land of Egypt and upon the lands of Jacob.

2 And the sons of Jacob said among themselves, we have little to eat; wherefore shall we suffer ourselves to perish with hunger in this place which has been forsaken by the Lord?

3 And thus they did murmur against the Lord their God.

4 However, Jacob knew of the honor which the Lord had given unto his son Joseph at the hand of Pharoah.

5 And it came to pass, Jacob said unto his sons, make haste and go down unto Egypt for the Lord has made known unto me that there is a ruler among the Egyptians who is full of wisdom and knowledge of the Lord.

6 He shall have mercy on our souls, and shall sell grain unto you, that we live and not perish. This has the Lord provided.

7 And so Jacob sent all of his sons, except the youngest, from their lands; and they went down to the land of Egypt.

8 And when the brothers of Joseph were come to Egypt, they sought to buy grain.

9 And a man by the way said unto them, go and seek Joseph the prince, for he sells grain.

10 And when the brothers of Joseph did find Joseph, they bowed down low to the earth, and said, we beg you, O prince, sell your servants grain that we may live and not perish.

11 And immediately Joseph knew that they were his brothers who had left him for to die in the pit.

12 However, the brothers of Joseph knew him not for his appearance and language was according to the Egyptians.

13 And Joseph answered coarsely unto them saying, are you of the land of Egypt?

14 And they said, no lord, we are twelve brothers except the younger who are come out of the land of Canaan to buy grain at the word of our father, lest we die.

15 And Joseph said unto them angrily: wherefore do you come unto me? Are you spies come to spy this land? What shall I do with you?

16 And they answered, not so, lord; we have need of grain that we perish not, for this great famine has reached unto our land, and has become a scourge unto us.

17 And Joseph was bitter in his heart, yet he remembered the commandment of the Lord.

18 Therefore Joseph had pity on his brothers, and forgave them in his heart of the evil which they had done unto him, yet spoke he coarsely unto them saying: bring unto me your younger brother and I shall sell you grain.

19 And the brothers counseled among themselves that they might bring the younger brother unto Joseph. And Joseph heard it, however, the brothers knew it not, for Joseph had spoken unto them by his interpreter.

20 And when Joseph beheld them counseling among themselves, he had compassion on them.

21 And so Joseph said unto them, go unto your land and bring your father and your brother. Yet Joseph kept Simeon and bound him hand and foot that he should remain.

22 And Joseph commanded his servants that they should bring unto him sacks of grain for to give his brothers.

23 And after they had mounted the sacks of grain onto their beasts, he sent them on their way.



1 And the angel of the Lord appeared unto Joseph saying, Here I Am!

2 And when Joseph turned he beheld the angel of the Lord standing in a flame of fire. And Joseph cried out saying, I am a dead man. For my eyes have seen the glory of the king of heaven!

3 And immediately the strength of Joseph left him and he fell to the ground as a dead man.

4 And the angel of the Lord touched Joseph saying, Joseph, Joseph, stand up on your feet as a man and fear not.

5 For you have been chosen from among all your brethren; yes, even from all the sons of men which dwell on the earth, to be a chosen branch unto the Lord.

6 And through your seed all the nations shall be blessed with the fruit of bounty: where the wine shall overflow the vats; and where the milk shall overflow unto the dung hills.

7 And after Joseph had arisen to his feet the Lord said: Behold the handiwork of the Lord!

8 And suddenly a strange and marvelous vision appeared before Joseph. And Joseph began to quake exceedingly, for marvelous and terrible to behold was the vision which the Lord had opened unto him.

9 And the angel of the Lord said unto Joseph: This is the kingdom which I have created for my own purpose and it is very great. Is it not marvelous to behold?

10 And the vision multiplied before Joseph eyes. And Joseph said: what is the meaning of this, my Lord? It is great to behold and marvelous in my eyes.

11 And the Lord said, these are lands upon which my seed abide. The land on which you stand is one land among all of the lands which I have created by my own my hand. And I set them on nothing, for I the Lord am the foundation of them.

12 Behold, the lands which number more than the sands of the sea. And this is my work and my great glory: to give unto my children that which I have prepared for them, yes, even all I possess.

13 And Joseph said, how great and mighty is the Lord, full of wisdom and strength and mercy: for I have never at any time considered that this could be.

14 And Joseph fell down and worshiped the Lord.

15 And the Lord said, Joseph if you are faithful to the Lord all the days of your life, and walk circumspectly before my face, you shall be lifted up, even to the throne of God, and you shall be a master workman in all wisdom, yes, even in all of the hidden wisdom which is the Lord's.

16 And you shall inherit, with your faithful seed with you, the glory of the Lord. And thus shall you have great joy. For the Lord delights to give his children the works of his hands.

17 And you shall sit in my throne, yes, even the throne of God. And you shall be my son, and I shall be your father, forever. Yes, even forever and ever.

18 And Joseph fell on his face and cried out, depart from me Lord, for I am not worthy to be called to such a great and marvelous honor.

19 And the Lord said unto Joseph, the Lord has seen your great faithfulness. You are more faithful than any of the sons of men upon on the face of the whole earth:

21 For the Lord casts the proud to the dust and exalts the humble. The power of the wicked shall be completely destroyed, yet the Lord delights in the throne of the faithful.

20 And the Lord said: look up. And when Joseph had looked up, he beheld a great multitude which had the appearance of the sons of men. And they did shine like the sun.

21 And every one of them had a golden crown on his head. And they were singing and praising God around his glorious throne. And there was one in the midst of the throne which had a name written on him: and his name was Hokmiel, which interpreted means Wisdom of God.
22 And the Lord said unto Joseph: Joseph, my son, these are those who have glorified my name. They shall be my sons forever. And at the latter time you shall rise from the dust and take your inheritance in the midst of my holy congregation forever. Even forever and ever. Amen.


1 And it came to pass, Joseph was reasoning with the priests of On.

2 And the priests said unto him, surely you have communed with the gods, for there has never been a wiser man in all of Egypt.

3 And Joseph taught the priests the knowledge of the Lord. And Joseph continued to gain favor in their eyes because of his exceedingly great wisdom which the Lord had given unto him.

4 And some of priests secretly worshiped the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and said, if the Lord would have us be an example to the people, so be it, for we know that the Lord is God over all the earth.

5 And Joseph said, see that you do it not. For the time is not fully come. Not many days hence shall you and your children openly serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Nevertheless, the time is not yet.

6 And Joseph taught unto those faithful to the Lord the hidden wisdom of the fathers saying: of a truth, this wisdom was given to Adam, and it has come down to us by the hands of my fathers. And many things did Joseph teach unto the faithful which cannot be written.

7 And, yes, it is not to be had among the wicked and unbelieving. For the Lord shall not allow his holy wisdom to be defiled.

8 And Joseph taught them all things pertaining to the priesthood of the Most High.

9 And Joseph taught them knowledge concerning the sun, the moon, and the stars, saying, they are nothing but only merely the works of the hands of the Lord God.

10 And they were astonished that the sun was not a god, saying: if the sun being so marvelous is not a god, then surely how strong is the Lord Most High who has formed it.

11 And Joseph said, not many years hence there shall arise a Pharoah which has not respect for my people. They shall be treated with contempt and become slaves unto the people of Egypt. They shall become a stench and an abhorrence in the nostrils of the Most High.

12 And when the oppression becomes a burden too hard to bare, the Lord God will have mercy on them; and one shall arise at the word of the Lord who shall lead his people out of this place.

13 He shall be a prince in the king's house notwithstanding he shall spring from the loins of my father.

14 When he opens his mouth he shall roar as a lion roars. And when he stands up, he shall speak with the voice of God almighty.

15 And he shall show forth the mighty wonders of God unto you. And he shall confound all of the wisdom of Egypt. And he shall lead you to a land which the Lord shall give unto you as an inheritance.

16 Him must you hear.

17 And there shall be great weeping and wailing in that day, for the Lord shall visit the iniquity of the fathers in Egypt upon the heads of the sons except they repent.

18 And when you are led out of this place, you must bare my bones on your shoulders. For I desire not to stand before the Lord in this place when He shall visit the earth and reward the sons of men according to their works in the great last day. Amen.

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