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9. The Day of The Lord

Misunderstanding of the Day Of the Lord

9. The Day of The Lord

The Day of the Lord is a concept that gives a lot of hope to Christians, because the assomption is that on that great day, the Lord will appear in his glory and holy grace in order to destroy the ungodly nations. 

Yet the Bible has this to say about the Day of the Lord:

  • Amos 5:18 “Woe to those who long for the Day of the Lord! What do you expect from the Day of the Lord? It will be darkness, not light. You will be like a man who flees before a lion, and meets a bear, who gains his dwelling, leans his hand on the wall, and is bitten by a serpent. Is not the day of the Lord darkness and not light? Is it not dark and dull?"

This verse warns people against misguided views, and helps us understand that the Lord's Return will not be pleasant for those who have not accepted YESHUA as their Savior and taken the time to repent. The next time you wish for the Lord's speedy return to bring an end to this sad world, remember that ELOHIM's judgment is not something we should wish upon people, for our loved ones who will not have had time to reconcile with the Lord will also endure His terrible judgment. Rather, let our thoughts be focused on how we can help those who are still spiritually blind to repent, before the Lord's Return.

May the Holy Spirit guide you in understanding this message.

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